2nd French-German Call for Projects on Antimicrobial Resistance 2020

Antimicrobial resistance is tightly connected to human health, animal health and the environment. The frequent transmission between habitats accelerates the spread of AMR, evoking new challenges that can only be solved in a holistic approach. Hence it is vital to intensify the exchange of information and the cooperation between human and veterinary medicine and other areas of expertise like biology, chemistry, agricultural sciences, environmental research, food technology and social sciences.
France and Germany, who are actively involved in several international initiatives to fight AMR, have adopted the One Health approach. With this call for projects, both countries aim to combine their resources and expertise to tackle AMR. The first topic of the call addresses AMR in environmental reservoirs, and the second topic focuses on antibiotic resistant bacteria colonizing humans, farm animals, pets and food products.

The submission period starts on 16 december 2019.


Submission deadline
28 February 2020, 1:00 pm CET

Formatting requirements
pdf file, DIN A4, one-sided pages, Arial 11 pt, spacing 1.5 lines, margins 1.5 cm each


Scientific contact:
Dr. Christiane Juhls
Tel.: +49 30 310078-498

Technical help desk:
Marcel Wöhrmann