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The Application Experiments

Eleven smart products are already in implementation:

  1. Portable multi-parametric point-of-care testing device that can be operated without previous knowledge to check e.g. groceries on micro-toxins. >> read more
  2. Energy-autonomous dew-point measuring system with short response time and high precision to be applied in freeze-drying and process control. >>read more
  3. Maintenance free carbon dioxide measuring system  with minimum power consumption, high sensitivity and low detection limit. >>read more
  4. Portable device for testing the quality of drinking water.
  5. Wireless sensor system with energy autonomous operation to enlarge periods of maintenance for environments that might be dusty and oily (engines, heavy equipment, clutch brakes etc.). >>read more
  6. Integrated smart system to detect toxic substances  in a standard 24 multi-well plate. >>read more
  7. Sensor platform to  detect and record condensation as means to protect electronics against damage caused by humidity. >> read more
  8. High-sensitive and robust pressure sensor for harsh environments based on silicon strain gauge and ceramics membrane. >> read more
  9. Portable, miniaturized capillary electrophoresis system with the potential to replace expensive and cumbersome methods for detection of bio-markers and drugs.
  10. Modular system for respiratory applications with re-usable parts and disposals. A highly integrated and miniaturized sensor platform for different medical and wellness applications.>>read more
  11. Innovative integrated smart tools to enable new processes to supersede the hitherto existing ones that use hazardous substances causing health damages.


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  • Innovative products enhanced with Smart Systems Integration
  • Broader opportunities with integration of new technologies
  • Need for small scale production but with the potential for high market value

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